Neck Pain

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Don’t let persistent neck pain stop you from enjoying life. The team at Individual Physical Therapy in Gillette, New Jersey, offers diagnostic and treatment services to determine the root cause of your neck pain. You will be provided with a customized treatment plan and one-on-one attention to address neck soreness, pain, and mobility issues. Schedule an evaluation online or call the office directly to learn more about your treatment options for neck pain.

Neck Pain Q & A

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain can be the result of an acute injury, such as a muscle strain, or it could be due to an underlying medical condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Having a herniated disc in your cervical spine can also cause persistent neck pain.

Many men and women develop neck pain after sitting at a computer or talking on the phone for long periods of time. You may also have neck pain due to poor posture or after periods of strenuous exercise.

When should I see a doctor about neck pain?

If your neck pain results from an injury, such as from sports or due to a car accident, seek a medical evaluation as soon as possible.

If neck pain develops for no obvious reason and lasts longer than a few days, schedule an evaluation with the team at Individual Physical Therapy.

What treatments are available for neck pain?

Our team offers a variety of treatment options including hands-on techniques and exercise to improve your neck range of motion, strengthen your postural muscles, and alleviate your pain.

To promote good overall muscle health, your provider will create a custom treatment plan, highlighting beneficial exercises and address posture and positioning throughout daily activities. Additionally, the staff at Individual Physical Therapy can assess your posture and the alignment of your spine to prevent future episodes of neck pain.

They may also recommend modalities, such as electrical stimulation, heat or ice packs, or ultrasound if the therapist determines any of these may provide additional relief.

What is electric stimulation therapy?

Electric stimulation therapy delivers a mild electric current to your neck. This generated current may improve neck mobility and alleviate pain. Therapy may also trigger your own body’s production of endorphins, a natural pain reliever.

Your provider attaches electrode patches to your skin that deliver the current of electricity. Treatment is noninvasive and painless and can be useful in treating both acute and chronic neck pain.

Learn more about your options for finding relief from neck pain by calling the Gillette office directly or booking an appointment online.